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SPA 2019 Convention
THEME: New Frontiers in Personality Assessment
March 20-24.2019

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Poster Submission Guidelines
For Research Type Poster Submissions, Please Include the Following Subheadings and information:
• BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: What were the major reasons for doing this study? Provide a clear statement of your purpose, and your hypotheses
• SUBJECT(S): Describe the number and relevant characteristics of subjects.
• METHODS AND MATERIALS: What was your research design? What key measurement methods were used in this project?
• ANALYSES: Describe the type(s) of statistical analyses used to assist you in interpreting your data.
• RESULTS: Briefly summarize the main findings derived from your analyses.
• CONCLUSIONS: What can you logically conclude through the analysis of your data? What are the limitations of your work and your suggestions for future work in this area?

For Case Report Poster Submissions, Please Include the Following Subheadings and Information:
• BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Please provide relevant rationale for presenting this case report, along with a clear statement of your purpose.
• CASE DESCRIPTION: Include key history and test findings, and salient background and clinical information regarding the patient.
• EVALUATION OUTCOMES: What were the key findings for your case?
• CONCLUSIONS: Describe the clinical implications of your case. What key issues or conclusions does this case study illustrate?

Poster Policy
By submitting an abstract, you are agreeing to abide by SPA policy regarding poster presentations. You agree that you are willing to present your poster in person at the SPA conference. A minimum of one author must attend the poster during the presentation time(s). Authors are responsible for the development of their own posters, and poster guidelines will be provided to authors of submissions accepted for presentation.
Suggested Topic Category (if appropriate):
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